Lecture on the Toyota Production System

Capter 1 The road to the completion of Toyota Production System

  1. The history of manufacturing before the Toyota Production System
    • The process of changing from hand work to machine work
    • Evolution from the machine grouping model to the deployment of machines to form an entire process
    • Evolution from lot production to one-by-one production
    • The technical method of machine replacement
    • Promotion of synchronized production
  2. The reason why Toyota is always a step ahead of its competitors
    • The struggle for a die exchange time within 10 minutes (this achievement is the cornerstone of the Toyota Production System)
    • Toyota quality control (The process from the introduction of "Pokayoke" to the establishment of a "QA(Quality Assurance)network"
  3. "One-by-one production(single part production)"which makes the utilization of Kanban possible
    • The process from accepting orders to production
    • One-by-one production on an assembly line
    • Kanban operation manual
  4. Visualization of problems as a structural feature of Toyota
    • Evaluation of productivity (there is a problem when results becom worse)
    • Standardized work chart (the problem is that actual operation is different from the chart)
  5. Problem solving education (solving problems is dependent on employee man-power)
    • Toyota type problem solving education system (the outline of a special lecture for middle-level employees)
    • Report instances of Toyota type problems solving education ("management environment""the operation of organization""leadership""solving problems")
  6. Toyota's performqnce appraisal (who is well evaluated in this organization?)
    • Performance appraisal of operators
    • Performance appraisal of office workers

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Capter 2 Study of the Toyota Production System

  • Toyota lecture "Toyota type technical method of ruducing personnel expenses"
  • Toyota lecture "Kanban method"
  • Toyota lecture "Emergency management "
  • Toyota lecture "Flexible manpower line"
  • Toyota lecture "Evaluation of productivity"
  • Toyota lecture "Economic analysis of investment"
  • Toyota lecture "Standardized work"
  • Toyota lecture "Solving problems"
  • Toyota's advanced lecture "Just in time"
  • Toyota's advanced lecture "Conveyor"
  • Toyota's advanced lecture "Method of making process"
  • Toyota's advanced lecture "Self-inspecting automatic divice for defects"
  • Toyota's advanced lecture "Flexible manpower line"
  • Toyota's advanced lecture "Increase of process capability"
  • Toyota's advanced lecture "Assembly line"
  • Toyota's advanced lecture "Multi-process handling"
  • Toyota's advanced lecture "Die exchange"
  • Toyota's advanced lecture "Standardized work"
  • Toyota's advanced lecture "Quality control"
  • Toyota's advanced lecture "Leveled production"
  • Toyota's advanced lecture "Maintenance"

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Capter 3 Introductions of consulting examples in China and Korea

  • Advance to China by a small Japanese company
  • Enthusiasm of a Korean company(good example)
  • Actual conditions of a Chinese company(bad example)

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