01 The structure of Toyota production plants

The structure of the Toyota production plants[amazon]

This book made an impact on me.
I can summarize it in 5 points.

  1. I can understand the importance of this book through its many illustrations.
  2. The 2 main pillars of the Toyota Production System are "Just in time" and "Autonomation"
    Other important topics are the "Kanban system", "one-by-one production", "Kaizen of die exchange", "leveled production", "flexible manpower line" and "Plant visualization" and so on.This book clealy explains these topics by using many illustrations.
    This book goes into detail about these things.
    Therefore, readers will be satisfied with the content of this book.
  3. Almost all books on process Kaizen deal with only plant Kaizen.
    But this book deals with the cost planning of new cars and cost control.
  4. There are both plant Kaizen and cost control in this book.
    So, we can understand the relations between plant kaizen and cost control.
  5. This book deals with cost planning and cost reduction in the flow the long term plant management plan (profit plan) cost planning (fixation of target cost) cost reduction of new cars production cost reduction the conclusion of car production.
    All is in the Toyota Production System.
    Plant Kaizen is explained by the company management's point of view.

This is the only book that explains production activity from a wide view like cost reduction

This book is a very valuable reference for plant Kaizen.

If we only acquire knowledge, nothing will change,

You must make a customized structure which is suited to your company.
You must give it somthing special.
You must put it into practice.
You must produce an effect.
You must create a company culture in which everyone continuously conducts Kaizen activity.
This is very difficult.

The writer has written about the heart of the Toyota Production System.
But it is very difficult to implement it, so it is necessary to obtain help from a consultant.

(the review of a reader in Amazon)

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02 The Deep Meaning of Implementing the Toyota Production System

Toyota type production method The heart of introduction art[amazon]

The writer worked at Toyota motor for many years, hence, he could write this book.
This book is very interesting and instructive.

  1. The importance of this book is the technical method of solving problems.
    I can understand the thinking process of the people at Toyota.
    I can easily use it.
  2. I can understand that Toyota is made from the DNA of Kiichirou Toyoda.
  3. The importance of this book is the method of reading music sheet.
    This is originated from the Toyota custom that Toyota investigate the cause of problems by using the 5-why "Why?Why?Why?.......".
    I am very interesting this matter.
    Such a method made me understand the connection between the sheet music and playing the piano.
    So I decided to start playing the piano.
  4. The manifest in which Toyota for the first time called to its employees for innovation proposals is already a historical document.
  5. The document in which Kiichiro Toyoda gave his admonitions to the Purchase Department at the beginning of Toyota's history is truly a very interesting piece of writing.
    By reading it I understood how committed and pure of purpose he was as a person.

(the review of a reader in Amazon)

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03 The structure of the Toyota Production System Plants "Production Control and Quality Control"

The structure of the Toyota production plants "production control and quality control"[amazon]

After I retired from Toyota,I started a consulting company.
I was very suprised with the present conditions of many customers' plants.
These were the same condition that existed before Toyota had started to construct the Toyota Production System.

So my first job was to explain to the customer how Toyota evolved from a state the customer's plant is at present to the present day Toyota.

The materials prepared for that purpose are the "Basics" part.

But when I joined Toyota, the TPS had been completed, so researching its history was very difficult, but at the same time very fruitful and inspiring.
And I think many readers may be interested in this matter.

Next is the "Application" part.
This chapter consists of more detaild and advanced material on the Toyota Production System.

By reading it you will be able to understand the essence of the Toyota Production System more clearly.

The last part is the "Implementation".

This part takes a case study approach and presents many examples from Korea and China.

Many retired Toyota employees are consulting all over the world.
But there is no book which is written about their activity.

So, in my opinion the "Implementation" is a landmark contribution.

(The comment of writer)

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