Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Toyota production consulting corp.(to be discribed below "our company") copes with the applicable management of individual information.
Our company engages the specialist of dealing in individual information.
Our company uses individual information following matters and does not use except following matters.

  • sending documents which be demanded from customers
  • sending an invitation card of ivent
  • sending fundamental affirmations and invitations that our company gives the customer our service
  • reformation of this site or display advertisements which is interesuted by costomers
  • When our company must meet the customer at the end of consulting.
  • When our company must meet the customer at the end of anything els.

Our company dose not use the individual informations of this site excpt upper matters.
A customers can request our company of using his individual information.

Disclosure individual information to third party

If the customer does not permit,our company does not disclosure his registered indvidual information.
The customer who pemit our company of disclosurig his information want to stop it,our company stop it at once.


When individual information has been leaked out from following matters ,our company does not accept liability.

  1. The case that a costomer disclosured his information
  2. The case that a costomer sended E-Mail
  3. The case that the information which a costomer used was leaked out from his terminal computer
  4. The case that there is devious access from outside

Effect and switch of contract

When a costomer use this site,this contract becomes operative.
This contract can be change without sending a message to the costomer before the fact.

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Copy right

You can not copy this site which is every formed contents (text/artwork/graphics )offerd by our company.
This contents are set down the article 30 of copy right low.
For example, if you write down a part or all of contents without permitting writer,you commit a brech of copy writer right low.
If you write down or send by LAN a part or all of contents without permitting writer ,you commit a brech of copy writer right low.

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Cookie is that when you visit this website,this website is a small date file which write down to your hard disk.
Cookie is used that when you visit this web-site ,you can acknowledg the page.
Informations of cookie are communicated between website and internet-consulting-software(browser).At the side of website,you cannot read the dates except cookie and harddisk which other website has written.
Cookie is used by many website.
If you install the browser,you can refuse the acceptance and the display your visit beforerhand when you visit website which uses cookie .
There are explanations of "rejection the acceptance of new cookie","advice the acceptance of new cookie","install method of setting aside cookie functions" at the place of "help" which is toolbar being had almost all browser.
We recommend you that you set up your conputer recevable cookie.
So,you can put the functions of our company to practical use.

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