Coach for the "Kaizen" of your plant

Coach method

  1. You select several members for a Kaizen team among the managers in the Kaizen site and other Kaizen sites.
    The kaizen team meets once or twice a week.Therefore, the members' routine works are not interfered with(Toyota adopts this method).
  2. We teach you the items ,the technical method and the schedule of Kaizen activety.
  3. The Kaizen team follows the schedule in implementing Kaizen.
  4. A staff member from our company visits your plent periodically for sevesal days,he will consult with you on the evaluation of Kaizen activity,the revision of Kizen activity direction and its future direction.

*The Kaizen method of other consulting company is "OJT(On the Job Training)".
That is very expensive.
This is because their method is based on two retired Toyota employees who visit your plant for a very long time.
The Kaizen activity method of our company is very inexpensive.
This is because the length of the visit from our staff is very short.
Kaizen activity is then promoted by your company members themselves.

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