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01 Free diagnosis of your plant

The step of diagnosis of your plant

  1. We will explain the process of evolving the Toyota Production System.
  2. You will be able to recognize the differences between the final, target ("How It Is Supposed To Be") and the existing state.
  3. We will teach you the skills to reach the ideal step by step.

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02 Coach for the "Kaizen" of your plant


  • The minimization of production lead time(Kaizen of machine position/Minimization of conveyance/Open Piece Flow)
  • Construction of quality control system(from Pokayoke to the QA-network )
  • Minimazatiopn of die exchange
  • Facility planning/Self-inspecting automatic device for defects/Andon
  • Production preparations
  • Facility maintenance
  • Methods for reducing energy costs(reduction of Greenhouse gas)
  • Control of cutting tools(selection and re-use)
  • Control of spair parts
  • Cost control of manifacturing variable costs
  • Problem solving education
  • Levelled production(Heijunka)
  • Introduction of Kanban system

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03 Lectures on Toyota Production System (lecture time is from 2hours to 5days)

Capter 1.The road to the completion of the Toyota Production System

  1. The histry of manufacturing before Toyota Production System
  2. The reason why Toyota is always a step ahead of its cometitors
  3. "leveled production"which makes the utilization of Kanban possible
  4. Visualization of problems as a structural feature of Toyota.
  5. Problem solving education
  6. Toyota performance appraisal

Chaper 2.Study of the present day Toyota Production System

Lectures on Toyota "Toyota Production System and ruducing personnel expenses" and other 7 lectures

Advanced lectures on Toyota "Just in time" and other 12 lectures

Chapter 3.Introduction of consulting examples in China and Korea

  1. Advance to China by a small Japanese company
  2. Enthusiasm of a Korean company(a good example)
  3. Actual conditions of a Chinese company(a bad example)

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04 Lectures on Toyota production engineering,Safety and Reduction of energy expenses (the lecture time is from 2hours to 5days)

  1. Fundamentals of facility planning
  2. Practical education of regarding production preparations
  3. Maintenance of production facilities in plants
  4. Safety that we can study by using 100 examples of disasters
  5. Necessary technical know-how for reducing energy consumptions(reduction of Greenhouse gas)
  6. Plant visualization
  7. Selection of cutting tools
  8. Reuse of cutting tools
  9. Stock method of spare parts for equipment
  10. Warehouse management

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